Real Estate Agent Professionals

Guild is here to help you make financing as easy as possible. We offer hundreds of mortgage products for every type of buyer – including extensive first-time home buyer programs. Founded in 1960, we’re now one of the nation’s fastest-growing mortgage lenders, with more than 1,000 loan officers and $16 billion in annual purchase volume. We know how to work with you and your home buyer to find the right loan, put together the strongest offer, and close on time.

We prioritize your clients, working with them with transparency and timeliness. It’s why we’ve earned some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry, including a 96% customer satisfaction rate from MortgageSAT (Q1 2016).

Meanwhile, we earn your trust and help you grow your business. Partnering with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Fast, upfront preapprovals from a direct lender

  • Spanish speaking lender and processor

  • Hundreds of unique loan products for greater buyer qualifying potential

  • Local processing and underwriting for quick turn times

  • The backing of experts who know how to get any type of deal closed

  • Peace of mind knowing your clients will have an outstanding experience

Let us help you build lasting relationships with your clients. Together, let’s guide people home.

We also give you access to the free version of Homebot. Homebot is a dynamic financial dashboard for the home that empowers homeowners to build wealth with the largest asset they may ever own. As a client engagement tool for loan officers and real estate agents, Homebot keeps us on top of clients minds, driving client retention and more transactions in the future. Click here for my invitation